• Made With Love - In Loveland, Colorado

    Mourning Wood is committed to working with salvaged materials to create unique designs at affordable prices...up-cycled furniture and art. We build each piece of "functional art" one at a time with 100% reclaimed barn wood.  

    EVERYTHING is one of a kind, handmade by local artist(s).  

    This wood comes from barns, fences, cabins, and outbuildings from the Rocky Mountains. We scour the Front Range in search of unique materials.  We have developed relationships with local contractors, developers, and our customers to keep a rich supply of diverse woods. We make nearly anything (and everything) from reclaimed woods, including painted, stained, bleached, and sometimes nearly rotten. 

    There are several methods I use to get to know my customer - their tastes, needs/wants, and preferences. When making a custom order, the personality of the person stays in my mind as I create their piece. As the piece begins to take shape, their personality is captured and transferred through my hands to the furniture creating its own individual, unique features. Truly all are one of a kind